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Five Reasons Why Chinese Ladies Prefer Dating Western Guys

Asian women have tended to stay within their own cultural sphere when it comes to online dating, but there is an increasing move amongst Chinese ladies looking for marriage to date Western guys. Chinese singles see a number of positive aspects in Western men and actively seek to form relationships with them.

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Generally, Western men are taller than their Eastern counterparts, and if you are taller than around 5’9”, you are likely to get the pick of Asian and Chinese ladies.  Much of the appeal of the increased height compared to Asian men is that these petite ladies have to tilt their heads up to gaze at their man, making their necks appear slenderer, and their jawline more pronounced.Chinese singles see both of those as important features of attraction when dating.


While Eastern culture is a law unto itself, Asian dating sites are filled with Asian singles looking to enjoy the best of Western culture and keen to find a man who can show them the best of it all. On a date with a Western man, a beautiful Asian girl might find that they are treated to an evening of watching a classic opera before enjoying an intimate meal, rather than overt masculine bravado that many Eastern men are apt to indulge in on a date. Dating Chinese ladies is a joy for many Western men, and they always try and put on a good show.

Kitchen Skills

Chinese ladies

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Many Western men become skilled in the art of cookery, much to the delight of Chinese brides. While Eastern men are warned off going in the kitchen by their mothers from an early age, Western men, are schooled in the art of cooking and want to show their skills off to their beautiful Asian women. Asian ladies love this aspect of Western men.

Emoting and Showing Feelings

When it comes to showing their feelings, Western men are way ahead of their Eastern counterparts, and Chinese girls love it. With loads of love to give, Asian wives look to their man to reciprocate and dislike it if they are not able to.  This, once again, sets Western men aside and gives them a distinct advantage when considering dating Asian ladies.

The Direct Approach

The simple fact is, that Chinese ladies love Western men for their directness when it comes to online dating, they tend to look towards dating those who can express their feelings and make the woman feel like she is really appreciated.

These are just a few of the many reasons that Eastern women love to date guys from the West.