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Chinese New Year: Top 5 Traditions You Should Definitely Try With Your Asian Lady

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If you choose to date an Asian lady then it is wise to learn that tradition is important to them. There are many traditions that the Asian culture is famous for but Chinese New Year is a fantastic opportunity to show you hold these traditions dear.

Let’s watch fireworks together!

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate family relationships and instill confidence that together you will all support each other through the year to come. It is estimated around 3 billion trips were made during the 2019 holiday season which goes to show how important a tradition it is. Making this celebration count gives you something to look back on together and memories supporting you through any tougher times to come.

Watch Fireworks or a Dance Show

Fireworks have for many generations represented the awakening of the fresh New Year, with a sparkly bang! Maybe a bang of traditional firecrackers to be set off together at a time when you can both feel unity and common goals you both have for the year ahead. Chinese firecrackers are traditionally made from rolled red paper, which means set off cause a bang and leave shreds of paper in the wake. It is the belief that this will scare Nian (the lion-like monster who legend says feats on the flesh of humans in the New Year) away.

Would you like to visit a market with me?


Leading up to Chinese New Year it is traditional to clean the house from top to bottom, with the belief that this will wash away the bad luck from the previous year. However, on New Year’s Day, you should do no cleaning as it is the belief that this will wash away any good fortune due to come your way

Brighten Up Her Wardrobe

Once the cleaning is done, it is Asian traditional that they buy and wear new clothes. If you are dating an Asian lady and want to impress her, knowing this and surprising her with a new outfit or a shopping trip will certainly earn you some brownie points.

Visit A Chinese Market

Ahead of the Chinese New Year and throughout the celebrations, there will be several outdoor markets. These markets offer a range of goods including toys, clothes, and trinkets. If you’re looking for a low-cost but high emotional value gift then sugar-work animals from the lunar zodiac is a good choice.

These traditions will help you not only just watch New Year celebrations but be an integral part of them.