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What do Chinese women expect from a serious relationship?

So, you’ve met the woman of your dreams and you’re ready to take the relationship further? But what do Chinese women expect from a serious relationship?

Like with any relationship, it’s always good to know what you’re getting in to when you choose to settle down with a lady. Chinese women will naturally have expectations that will differ to women in some other regions of the world.

So, to help you on your way, here are a few things that Chinese women will expect from a serious relationship.

Chinese women

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Total Commitment

If a Chinese lady is to settle down into a serious relationship, she will almost certainly want full commitment from her man. You should be committed to her in every way, from potentially setting up a home with her through o building a career that can help your life together flourish.

She will be expecting you to show commitment to making the relationship work, something that she will replicate in return. Embrace each other’s cultural differences, be it food, hobbies or aspects of each other’s social lives.

Chinese women want loyalty

Loyalty is a pre-requisite in any serious relationship, and for Chinese women, it’s no different. Your Asian lady will want to feel valued and like she is the only woman in the world that matters to you. Your loyalty should be unquestioned on all fronts.

Chinese women

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Supporting her in her own ambitions (e.g. career) will be as important as anything, while it goes without saying that you should not consider relationships with any other women. This is a serious relationship you’re both entering in to, so loyalty to each other is vital.

Respect her family values

In China, the family is very important and Chinese women like their men to show interest in their family and to earn the respect from them. If you’re entering into a serious relationship with a lady from China, be prepared to spend some time earning the respect of her parents and subsequently getting to know the entire family.

If you are invited to a family meal or other such event, you should be ready to impress. Dress well, show a willingness to accept local customs or family traditions and be polite and respectful. It will show your lady’s family that you care, and in turn that will make her happy and go a long way to strengthening your relationship.