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Creative Ways To Confess Your Love When Dating Online

Dating Online

If you’re dating online and starting to get feelings for the lady you are talking to then it is wonderful. Those feelings of butterflies when she messages you and the smile you have on your face during your conversation are feelings that can’t be beaten. Falling in love is such a great thing and one you should share with the person you’re falling for. Here are some fun ideas for sharing your feelings with the lady you’re talking to when dating online.

Write a Poem

Dating Online

I want to find a romantic man.

If you are feeling really creative then you could write a poem to your lady to tell her how you feel. The lady you’re dating online probably isn’t expecting you to be a grade-A poet but sharing some heartfelt words is a really lovely way to show that you’re serious about her. If you’re really stuck for ideas then starting something with ‘Roses are red, violets are blue’ can be a good way to get off the poetry starting blocks.

Have an Online Date Night

If you have been video chatting then why not arrange a date night. You can both get dressed up in nice clothes and each eat a nice meal while you chat and have fun online. While this is happening you can tell her that you love her and watch her eyes light up as she becomes excited for the future you’re hopefully going to start building together.

Choose A Song

Dating Online

I’m waiting for my prince!

For any couple, having their own song is a really love part of their relationship and something that most ladies love. If you have a song that reminds you of the lady you’re dating online when you hear it, why not share that with her? There are so many beautiful love songs out there so there is bound to be one that makes you think of your new love when you hear it. If the song causes feelings of love within you, one of the nicest things you can do is share this with your new lady.

Watch a Movie Together

Sometimes dating online it can feel as though you are missing out on the real dating experience. Pick a romantic film that your lady is bound to like and arrange a time for you to both watch it together and discuss it in a chat. When she is feeling suitably slushy from watching the Hollywood romance you can swoop in and confess your feelings for her.

Arrange a Surprise For Her

This could be to send her some flowers or chocolates. Always make sure you act within the boundaries that you know she is going to be happy and comfortable with. Arranging something spontaneous shows your lady that you are always thinking about her and that is the perfect time to confess your love.