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Do’s and Don’ts When Your Asian Lady is Angry at You

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Asian ladies are known for their strong personalities which can be a really good thing. However, it can also mean that you can upset them without meaning to. As you get to know your Asian lady better it will become easier to understand their personality and recognise when you might be inadvertently annoying them, but for now here are some dos and don’ts to follow when your Asian lady is angry at you.

Don’t Ask Her What is Wrong

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Although you are likely to be keen to understand what you have done to upset your Asian lady so much, when she is angry and seeing red is the worst time to ask her what is wrong. If you try to ask her why she is so upset with you she will likely just feel more angry that you don’t already recognise what you have done to upset her so much.

Do Give Her Space

Although ignoring her is never a good idea, giving her space to calm down is wise. Of course, stay in communication and answer her messages but don’t bombard her with messages if she doesn’t reply. The chances are she just needs a few minutes to defuse from the situation and by constantly asking for her attention you’re not helping her get this.

Don’t Tell Her To Calm Down

You might feel as though her anger is unjustified or over the top and have the urge to tell her so. However, telling your Asian lady to calm down or be quiet when she is feeling at her most angry is not a wise move at all. By telling her to calm down you are likely to simply be adding fuel to the fire. You are much better to wait for things to simmer down on their own.

Do Recognise Where Things Went Wrong  

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Once things have calmed down and communication is back on track, it is worth thinking about what went wrong and caused the upset. It is likely to be nothing anyone has done wrong as such, but more a miscommunication that has caused things to go off track. Consider where things went wrong and what you might be able to do to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Don’t Make Things Worse

Constantly asking for attention when she is angry or repeating the same mistakes is going to do nothing but upset her further – which is definitely something you will want to avoid.

Do Talk About Things Afterwards

When things are better and you are talking once again, take time out to discuss how each of you was feeling at the time and what actions the other person did that caused you upset. This open communication is important and a way of ensuring that your Asian lady feels listened to and respected – important for avoiding future upset.