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Favorite Hobbies of Chinese Women

Chinese women

Online dating has made meeting Chinese women easy. However, dating someone with a completely different culture is not always that simple. Whether you’ve run out of gift shopping or date ideas, knowing her hobby can help you find appropriate gifts or activities to invite her to. While we don’t know what your Asian lady might like, here are the top 5 favorite hobbies of Chinese women.

1. Chinese women love sports

Chinese women

Let’s ride bikes together

Chinese women have slim, slender bodies, but they still like to stay in shape. They typically like jogging or going to the gym. Some also prefer more extreme sports, and cycling is also a range-topper.

As such, inviting your date to a hike or biking day could be a great first date idea. If sports are her favorite hobby, gifts can include sports suits or gear.

2. Arts & Crafts

You probably know by now that Chinese women are artists at heart. Most of them like some kind of handcraft, from painting or sculpture to DIY crafts, including knitting, wood carving, or making creative objects out of recycled materials.

For such a lady, an invitation to a museum could be an excellent first date idea. In terms of gifts, anything art-related or tools for her crafts are more than inspired decisions.

3. Cooking

Who doesn’t love a good meal? With Chinese food topping the preference charts of people around the world, dating a Chinese woman who enjoys cooking is like winning the lottery. While most Chinese ladies love traditional cooking, some also like to learn western cooking styles and techniques.

On a first date, booking a fancy dinner in a Michelin star restaurant or a cooking class can surely win her heart. Pots, kitchen gadgets, or expensive ingredients for dinner for two are excellent gifts.

Chinese women

Would you like to play tennis with me?

4. Shopping

There is not much to say about this hobby. Chinese women, like most other women, love to buy new clothes, jewelry, gadgets, and more.

Take her to the mall and give her a gift card to a designer’s boutique if you want to make her happy.

5. Chinese Women Like Playing Musical Instruments

Another thing a lot of Chinese women master is playing musical instruments. From classic Chinese instruments to world favorites such as the piano or the violin, your Asian single can surprise you in many ways.

Taking her to a concert is undoubtedly a great idea, as for the gifts, something music inspired – or tickets to a concert – are just a few ideas.

We hope this list can help you find the right conversation topics, first date ideas, and gifts, so you can impress most Chinese women quickly and effortlessly.