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Five golden rules to make the first phone call to your online date successful

Meeting people in the digital world is now the norm, and it’s also incredibly exciting. But what happens when it’s time to take that relationship with your online date into a more traditional direction?
We are of course talking about that all-important first telephone call. Knowing what to say when you first speak to your online date is important, but it’s also important to know not what to say. How to act, how to approach the call and general etiquette.

After all, this is your opportunity to begin making that dreamy online relationship something much more real. So, before you take that big step, make sure you read our five golden rules to making sure that this first call is perfect.

Speak slow and clear

Asian woman
I am waiting for your call!

It’s natural that you may be a little nervous ahead of the call and when we’re nervous we are prone to rambling or speaking too quickly. Relax. Take a deep breath. You’re in control here. You’ve been speaking to your online date in other ways already, possibly for weeks or months, so there is nothing to fear.

Make sure you remember that there could well be a language barrier of sorts, plus you need to each get used to the other’s accent and style of talking. So, our first golden rule is to simply take your time, speak slowly and speak clearly. You will be off to a flying start.

Start with the pleasantries

Okay, so we’ve picked up the phone, we’re speaking slowly and clearly and we’ve got control of ourselves. What’s next? Well, your online date wants to be spoken to and treated as well as you’d treat any lady. Start with some pleasantries; think along the lines of ‘it’s great to finally speak to you’ and you can add other compliments such as complimenting her voice, commenting on how easy it is to speak to her.

This is a great way to start things off and before you know it you’ll feel comfortable to move into other areas of conversation.

List some questions beforehand

Asian woman
Call me, dear!

Even though you’re speaking clearly and have paid those initial compliments, your conversation can soon become a little awkward. It’s mostly going to be due to nerves. So, before the call, make some notes on things you’d like to discuss. Maybe continue a conversation that you have had online? There is nothing wrong with having a few questions prepared just in case you both feel a little nervous and stuck for words.

Listen to what your online date says

It’s so easy in life to be in a conversation but not actually be listening to the answers that you are given. This will mean the conversation with your online date will soon dry up and become awkward. So, make sure you pay attention to what she says. It will allow you to continue the conversation in a much more natural way.

Enjoy it and look forward to the next one!

Last but not least, you need to enjoy the call. This is the lady you’ve been thinking of and speaking to online for a period of time. Now you have her on the phone, make sure you enjoy your time speaking with her and make plans for the next call!