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Five things you should know if you date Asian women

Asian women

If you’re new to dating Asian women, then it may be a tricky first few weeks and months if you do not know what to expect.

Whenever you date someone new, there can be some difficulties in fitting in with each other’s lifestyle, social habits and hobbies. When you’re dating a woman from overseas, this is only complicated further.

Asian women

I’m waiting for my prince!

When dating Asian women, it really helps to know some general things about them, their culture and what to expect from relationships with them. If you don’t, those early weeks may not just be difficult, but it can potentially ruin a relationship that has great potential.

So, to help you out, here are five things you should know if you date Asian women.

They may bring a friend with them on your first date

If you book that first date in the diary with Asian women, then don’t expect it to be a romantic one-on-one drink or meal. Instead, it’s very common for a Asian women to be accompanied by a friend to a first date with a man. So, don’t be surprised by it – you’re going to have to go along with it. They may even come to the second date as well.

They’re private, to begin with

Asian women are generally pretty guarded in terms of their own lives early on in relationships. It may be several dates in, or several weeks into your relationship, before she feels comfortable enough to start to drop her guard and let you in to her life. Just be patient, build the trust and make sure she knows you’re serious about your relationship.

Asian women like to get to know a man before things get serious

This also goes for the relationship as a whole. Don’t expect things to move very quickly in the first few weeks or possibly months.

Asian women

Would you like to date me?

Asian women like to get to know guys and be able to thoroughly trust them before getting serious. You definitely should not expect physical intimacy on a first or second date!

If you’re introduced to her family, then it’s serious

If your Asian woman invites you to meet her parents, then you should be pretty sure about whether you think your relationship is serious or not. Meeting the parents is usually a sure sign in Asian culture that she thinks your marriage material. Meeting the parents for approval is a rite of passage, even if you don’t know it’s coming!

They like their own lives

Okay, this can be tricky for some men to accept, but Asian women are increasingly independent. They like to enjoy their own space and continue with aspects of their social life. Career can also be important, so don’t get too close and controlling otherwise it simply won’t last.