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How to Dress on a First Date With an Asian Lady

Dating shouldn’t be all about appearances, but the truth is the first impression is determined by your looks. Studies suggest it takes less than 20 seconds to form a first impression. And if you should know something before starting to date a hot Asian lady, is that most Asian women care about their partner’s aspect.

If you want to make a killer impression, check out these top tips on how to dress on a first date with an Asian lady.

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First Thing’s First: Grooming

Men typically don’t find dressing too complicated, and one of the most neglected things is grooming. Perhaps you’re accustomed to just take a shower and throw on the first tee and pants you can find in your closet. But this routine won’t impress an Asian lady.

A well-maintained look goes well beyond the clothes you wear. Get a haircut if you haven’t done so in ages and trim or shave your beard for a clean face.

Add some cologne too, but don’t overdo it. Women like when a man smells good, but avoid smelling like a cologne counter. A dash of your favorite brand should do it.

Understand Your Date’s Mindset

Picking the right clothes is also crucial. The first step is understanding how Asian women like men to dress.

While there are no hard rules, most ladies in Asia admire men who look like businessmen. In most cases, this means full-length pants and a casual-formal outfit.

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Choose an Appropriate Outfit dating Asian lady

When choosing the outfit, keep in mind that you should match it with the occasion. What are you planning to do on the first date?

If you’ll have a coffee or drinks, go to a museum, or do any other casual activity, pick casual attire but make sure you look groomed. A polo t-shirt or sweater looks better than a cotton tee; a pair of chinos and a button-up shirt add a touch of sophistication, or you could pair a slim-fit tee with a sports coat for a smart look.

Loafers or chukkas are your best bet when it comes to footwear, and regardless of your choice, make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.

For dinner with your Asian lady, pick a nice businessman-style jacket and pair it with a button-up shirt and a pair of jeans. A suit is also acceptable, provided it fits you perfectly. As for the shoes, go for a pair of Oxfords.

Picnics and other outdoor activities are also popular choices for a first date. In this case, a light-colored shirt or sweater with rolled-up sleeves, a pair of not-to-short shorts and moccasins will surely speak volumes about your fashion sense.

Now that you know how to dress on a first date with an Asian lady, all you have to do is find the woman of your dreams. A great starting point is, one of the best online dating sites for men looking to date gorgeous Asian women; who knows, maybe your next date is the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life.