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How to Make a Proposal to Your Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty

There comes a time in any relationship when it’s time for you to show the ultimate commitment by proposing to your Asian beauty.

However, a proposal is always a nerve-wracking thing to have to do. You have to be pretty sure that your Asian beauty is on the same wavelength in that she also wants to get married.

Asian beauty

Are you ready for marriage?

Once you’re sure she is, or as sure as you can be, then it’s time to get planning. A marriage proposal is one of the biggest moments in a lady’s life, so you really need to take the time to get it right. Cutting corners or misreading the situation can actually make it a very awkward moment for the pair of you.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a checklist to help you plan for the moment when you ask your Asian beauty to marry you.

Plan it out thoroughly

It may sound obvious but planning your marriage proposal out carefully is really important. The more planning you do, the more chance that this will be the most amazing experience for you both. So, give some thought as to when you will make the proposal.

What will you both be wearing? Will anyone else be around? Do you need to make any special plans, such as to buy some champagne, to really finish things off in style?

Buy the ring in advance

Asian beauty

What do you think of ladies making the first step?

If you’re planning to propose to your Asian beauty, then you should take as much care with the plans as possible. Obviously, a key element of this is the ring. In fact, perhaps the most significant part of any proposal is the engagement ring. Try and find out what ring size she is ahead of time and also if she has any preference on ring type. Does she like bit, blingy jewellery or something more understated and classier?

Observe traditions

Do some research to see what the cultural expectations are ahead of a proposal. Your Asian beauty will also have her own hopes for how you go about this. If you need to meet or ask the parents for permission beforehand, then make sure you do. Check out the marriage customs for the country from which your lady comes from.

Don’t rush it – make it perfect

A key tip is to not rush things. This needs to be perfect. So, if for example your plans are put into jeopardy by an unexpected visitor or a freak rain shower, consider postponing the engagement to another time. This really needs to be perfect.

Be sure your Asian beauty is ready

Finally, the only thing that can genuinely spoil your big day when you pop the question is if she says no. So, be as sure as you can that this is something she is either expecting or wants to do.