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Chinese New Year 2018: the main festival of Chinese ladies

Chinese New Year is an event that captivates the interest of the world. With bright colors, ancient traditions, personality explorations and the promise of new luck, well-being and wealth, the Chinese are able to celebrate like no other nation. Chinese ladies are sure to be excited to share their culture and celebrations with you and involve you as much as possible.

Celebrated on February 18th, 2018, this Chinese New Year is likely to already be in the throes of preparation for Chinese brides and their families. From planning the events to focus on the year of the dog, 2018’s animal, through to arranging parties, preparing meals and engaging in community events, Chinese ladies are incredibly busy at this time of year. Chinese New Year runs for at least 16 days and this means that events, festivities, and parties are numerous.

Get ready for the holiday

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Let’s celebrate New Year together!

The way that Chinese ladies will predominantly celebrate the Chinese New Year will depend upon which part of the country they live in as traditions vary greatly depending on geography. Chinese women are at the heart of the celebrations, often responsible for preparing hearty foods that have been eaten for centuries by way of celebration. Most families throughout China will include a reunion meal with their relatives and Chinese ladies will be responsible for arranging the venue, menu, and entertainment. The New Year brings an opportunity for Chinese women to catch up with friends and family that they have not seen for a long time and inevitably make promises to try harder in the coming months. You may well form part of the resolutions and could possibly be invited to join in family gatherings through online video chat.

Clean and decorate the house

This huge annual event is taken very seriously by Chinese ladies and around a week before the festivities begin, Chinese ladies will embark on a mammoth cleaning program. Ready to welcome the visitors and new year, Chinese homes will be thoroughly cleaned and later decorated for parties. Most of the public decorations and displays are constructed a month before New Year and Chinese ladies may well be involved in preparing their community areas as well as the home.

Entertain your Chinese lady

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I’d like to tell you more about Chinese traditions

Fireworks will feature highly in the celebrations for Chinese New Year throughout the country. This may mean that Chinese ladies will visit a display in a public area or their family may conduct their own. Chinese girls are likely to be excited about the midnight fireworks and as this can be a romantic setting, perhaps consider using this opportunity to make future plans to be together for the next display!

Discuss the holiday with your Asian lady

Take time to ask Chinese ladies about their plans, how they will celebrate and how much work they will undertake. Chinese girls will be happy to explain the event and pleased that you are showing interest. You may well be able to discuss the ways in which Chinese New Year is observed in your area, including how children and social areas are celebrating. One of the most interesting aspects of Chinese New Year that you should consider discussing is the relevance of the animal figureheads. Explore the animal for your year of birth with Chinese ladies and they will happily explain what this is likely to mean for your personality.