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5 Top Occupations Chinese Women Prefer

Dating someone of a different culture brings challenges as well as learning opportunities. But have you ever wondered what occupations Chinese women prefer their men to have? The Chinese culture has an emphasis on education more than pay or particular professions. So if you’ve spent years learning your trade then you’re already onto a winner.

Here are Five Most Prestigious Jobs Chinese Women Prefer.

Occupations Chinese Women Prefer

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University Professor

Chinese culture highly values education. Your level of education is often more of a status symbol than having a high-powered job. Helping others to better themselves and increase their education level is seen as a very well-respected job and is sure to woo Chinese women.

Local Shopkeepers

Even if you haven’t studied for years, running a business is very hard work and requires a lot of dedication. Chinese women respect and value dedication and resilience. In addition to this, they consider helping people or providing a service as a very prestigious kind of career. So if you run the local shop or you’re a handyman, plumber, or electrician you’re in luck.


Chinese women have a lot of respect for doctors and medical professionals in general. They know this job requires you to undertake years of education before you can start working. You spend your days helping people and providing a vital service – all of which are highly valued in Chinese culture.

Occupations Chinese Women Prefer

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Lawyers are well respected by not online Chinese women but Chinese people in general. The required high level of education for this job makes it very prestigious because you’ve gained a lot of knowledge. In addition to this, you help people with issues that they wouldn’t be able to fix themselves which makes you very attractive to Chinese women.

Civil Servants

Choosing a career as a civil servant will garner a lot of respect from Chinese women. While this job has a lot of negative stereotypes in Western countries, Asian cultures tend to see this as an important job because you’re working to serve the country.

Even if your job isn’t on this list, it’s possible that it might be attractive to Chinese women. First of all, being well educated is very important in Chinese culture. Secondly, working hard in your job, providing a service, and helping people are all very important traits to have in your work and will be sure to impress Chinese women.