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How online dating increases your confidence

Online dating has changed the way couples meet all over the world, but it has also given those people who were uncomfortable in social situations a new-found confidence.

Both men and women have turned to online dating to meet new people and to be truly who they want to be. It’s the confidence thing that is perhaps most significant though – men who would never usually be forward in asking a lady out or even to introduce themselves cope much better at doing so online.

So, why is that? How does online dating increase your confidence? Here’s a few of the reasons.

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You’re in the comfort of your own home

Perhaps the main reason that helps men begin to find the confidence to speak to ladies when online dating is because they do so in their own time and in their own home.

Dress how you want, do your hair how you want to do it and put as much or as little effort in as possible. Because dating websites let you meet and talk to women from anywhere, men who are shy can be themselves and enjoy speaking to ladies on a level that they find comforting.

Tell ladies only what you’re comfortable telling them

It can sometimes be tricky to go on dates and meet new people if you have subjects you don’t want to talk about, or if you’re just uncomfortable about speaking about certain things on dates. Online dating takes a large element of that away – you can concentrate on talking about what you want to speak about, and even if the tricky questions do come, the lady cannot see your reaction. You can take your time to respond, or if needs be, don’t respond at all and move on to the next match.

Control the situation while online dating

Much like the above, online dating allows each participant to be fully in control of what they are doing and saying. If they don’t want to video chat, talk about certain subjects or perhaps discuss previous relationships, they don’t have to. The situation is yours to control entirely – if things get tricky, you can simply shut it down. This gives men and women much more confidence to talk to new people, knowing that if things get tricky they can move on.

Not an awkward social environment

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We have alluded to this already, but many people find dates – particularly first dates – awkward and intimidating. Awkward silences are the worst, but any question or topic of conversation that you are not comfortable with soon becomes embarrassing. Online dating takes all of that away – reactions to questions are private to yourself while you don’t have to worry about people looking at you assessing what you’re wearing, how you’re sitting, etc.


Finally, once you have spent some time online dating, you will speak to so many different women in a short space of time that you know what to say, how to react and what you’re looking for. This alone helps grow your confidence.

Show what you want to show

Finally, your profile in online dating can be shaped to show you any way you wish. Use your favorite photos and talk only about the fun things – this gives you confidence that people you match with will know you at your best and how you want them to know you, so they’re definitely interested.