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Qixi Festival or Double Seven Festival With Your Asian Lady

Asian Lady

Every culture has its celebrations and traditional festivals. Some traditional festivals have great historical beliefs and stories, making them a life system than just a celebration. In this article, we will tell you how to celebrate the Qixi festival with your Asian lady. Yes, if you have your girl from China, you should know the cultural…

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Compliments That Your Asian Lady May Not Like and Why

When you’re dating an Asian lady for the first time it’s important to be considerate and to think about what you say before you say it. Asian cultures are much more focused on culture and community, and because of this they may struggle to accept a compliment. However, when you’re looking to date and Asian…

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Topics To Discuss If You Are Dating Online

Dating online

If you are seeing an Asian woman online and you aren’t sure which topics to discuss, don’t worry; this article has got your back. It’s pretty normal to feel intimidated to discuss something, especially when you are dating online. Since the other person is not present in front of you physically, you can become clueless.…

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How to Determine if Your Asian Lady is Addicted to You?

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When it comes to dating and relationships, it’s always the man who takes the initiative, while women are the ones who can either reject or accept men’s advances. This is how typically things work. Of course, there will be women who will take the initiative, but mostly it’s the men. Now, if you date an…

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Creative Ways To Confess Your Love When Dating Online

Dating Online

If you’re dating online and starting to get feelings for the lady you are talking to then it is wonderful. Those feelings of butterflies when she messages you and the smile you have on your face during your conversation are feelings that can’t be beaten. Falling in love is such a great thing and one…

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