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5 Phrases For Chinese Woman On Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is around the corner – it’s a time for women to feel empowered on their own, but if you’re in a relationship it’s also the perfect time to show your partner that you care and help to lift them up. One of the best ways to do this is by complimenting them and reminding them of their strengths. If you’re dating a Chinese woman then it’s also the perfect time to learn a little more about her culture and show that you’re making an effort.

Compliments For Your Chinese Woman

While it’s easy to compliment her in your own language and use your own culture as a background, why not take the time to learn some things that you could say that relate back to your Chinese woman’s culture that will make her feel empowered and cared for? Here are five suggestions to get you started.

5 Chinese Phrases For Your Chinese Woman On Women’s Day

Take care of me!

Ni shi wo de weiyi – You Are My Only One/You Are My Everything

If you’re feeling brave, then this compliment is going to go very well. It’s something that your Chinese woman will really want to hear if you’ve been dating for a while, and it shows that you’ve gone to the effort of learning something to say to her in her own language. The fact that you’ve put the time and effort in will go a long way, even if you don’t quite manage to pronounce it correctly.

Gei wo yi ge ji hui zhao gu ni ba – Give Me A Chance To Take Care Of You

A slightly less intense compliment, asking your Chinese woman to give you chance to take care of her is a hugely romantic gesture and signals your commitment without being too over the top. Chinese culture values a man taking care of his partner, so asking your Chinese woman this is sure to impress – even if you decide to say it in English!

5 Chinese Phrases For Your Chinese Woman On Women’s Day

I dream of you!

Wo jiu shi xi huan zhe yang de ni – I Just Like The Way You Are

One of the best things for a woman to hear is that you like them without wanting to change anything about them. It’s one of the most empowering compliments that you could give and is sure to make your Chinese woman blush.

Wo ganji ni – I Appreciate You

There are many ways to say that you care and empower your Chinese woman. Telling your Chinese woman that you appreciate her is a strong compliment without being too intense and will definitely make her realise that you care.

Yu sheng qing duo zhi jiao – Let’s Grow And Learn Together For The Rest Of Our Lives

This is one of the most intense compliments, but if you and your Chinese woman have been together for a while, this is a great way to tell her that you care and you’re serious about the relationship.

Chinese isn’t easy for English speakers, so taking the time to learn one or two phrases will show your Chinese woman how much you care and is bound to impress!