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How to prepare an unforgettable surprise for your Asian bride on her birthday?

If there is one time of the year that you can really surprise and impress your lady, it’s on her birthday. Why not prepare an unforgettable birthday surprise for your Asian bride on her birthday?

A well-executed birthday surprise can make a lasting impression on your Asian bride, and on her family and friends. It can create happy memories to last a lifetime. But how do you go about preparing an unforgettable birthday surprise for your Asian lady?

Here are some pointers.

Whatever you do, make sure her family is invited

The family is very important in Asian culture, so before you do anything else see if you can invite the family of your Asian bride. Even if it is not possible for them to make it, you could arrange a phone call or video message for them to really get things off to a flier.

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Would you like me to be your only one?

Try to cook some traditional Asian birthday food

While you can definitely include lots of different types of food on her birthday, try to include some from her home country. In China, for example, noodles are very popular dishes at birthday parties. Why not try and find a recipe for “longevity noodles” and really impress her?

Use a red envelope

In Asia, red envelopes often symbolize wealth or good fortune – it’s a well-known tradition to present red envelopes of cash, for example, at special events. So regardless of what your birthday surprise is for your Asian bride, a party or a present, try and include a red envelope along the way. You could place her card in it, or a message about her birthday – even an invite to her own birthday party. Get creative while staying close to her culture.

Learn some phrases in the native language of your Asian bride

Perhaps your Asian bride is used to you speaking English, so why not make an unforgettable birthday for her by learning at least one phrase in her own language? The internet is full of helpful resources so this is now easier than ever before. Learning how to say “Happy Birthday” in your Asian bride’s native language is going to leave an unforgettable memory and make a lasting impression.

Avoid clocks!

And as a final tip, avoid giving any sort of clock as a birthday gift. In some languages, such as Chinese, the word clock is pronounced very similarly to “death”, and so is considered bad luck.