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Qualities that every Chinese woman wants from a man

Dating a Chinese woman can be brilliant fun, but if you’re looking to really impress and take things a little further, then you need to know what your lady is looking for.

A Chinese woman can be great to have a relationship with. They’re caring, loyal and extremely good fun. When they are comfortable relaxing around you, they will really open up and their personality will come to the fore.

To get to that stage, you’re going to need to be able to bond with your Chinese woman. To prepare for this, it’s really useful to know what qualities that Chinese women want in a man. If you know these, then you’re off to a flying start.

Well, wonder no more as we’ve put together a list of some of the most important qualities that your Chinese woman will want from a man.

Chinese woman
I want to be with a strong man!

Chinese Woman Seeks Trust

Very high on the list of any Chinese women is that their man is trustworthy. You don’t have to make any grand gestures to tick this box, just tell the truth, be upfront about things she may ask about (e.g. past relationships). She will look at your body language when you’re talking about sensitive topics and if you’re lying, she will probably spot something is not quite right. So, relax, be honest and show her you can be trusted.


A Chinese woman loves a strong man, and we’re not talking about physicality. Chinese ladies love a man who is strong mentally as well as physically, a man who is capable of taking care of her and any future family you may have. So, be ready to show that you’ll stand up for yourself, for her and generally be a strong character in her life.

Chinese woman
I need a caring man!


Here’s a quality that most women value highly, and none more so than in China. Loyalty is a big thing – if a woman puts herself out there for you, to spend time with you and be with you, then she wants to be sure that you’re going to be loyal to her. Loyalty is a quality found not only in relationships, so consider what messages you may be given when talking about other areas of your life, such as your career.

Be Fun With Your Chinese Woman

Any relationship has to be fun, and for a Chinese woman to feel comfortable and happy in a relationship, well she has to be having a good time. So, be ready to show your fun side and maybe even have some fun dating activities lined-up. They may come in handy!