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Qixi Festival – St.Valentine’s Day for Chinese Ladies

Chinese ladies

Chinese ladies believe in love!

The Qixi Festival is also widely known as the Qiqiao Festival and is an entertaining and cultural event in which there are celebrations for the meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. Chinese ladies are likely to be thoroughly impressed by a man’s interest and enthusiasm in the event, which will be seen as a reflection of their interest in Chinese culture as well as demonstrating romance and attention to Chinese ladies.

Meeting Chinese ladies on an Asian dating site can be thoroughly exciting, though a little daunting. So having a basic understanding of some of China’s most traditional celebrations can go a long way to establishing the dialogue with your Asian lady and communicating sincerity. One of the most thoughtful annual events that you can discuss with Chinese ladies is that of the Quixi Festival because of its affectionate and historical connotations.

Chinese ladies

Chinese women are perfect wives!

The legend of Zhin and Niulang

The festival, which will be celebrated on August 9 this year, was developed around the romantic legend of two lovers named Zhin and Niulang. They were the weaver maid and the cowherd. Their romance has been celebrated throughout the country since the Han Dynasty in the Qixi Festival. The couple were not allowed to be together and so were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River. This historical tale can relate closely to the obstacles between Chinese ladies and western men that they meet on an Asian dating site. It is a beautiful story which captures hearts both of Chinese women and men around the world.

Chinese ladies

Surprise your Asian lady on Qixi Festival!

The traits of Asian ladies

Asian women are recognized for their romantic and sweet nature. So mythology coupled with the tradition, historical significance and imagination surrounding the Quixi Festival serves as a wonderful conversation point. Western men can engage with Chinese ladies about the ways in which they celebrate at this event, whilst developing a greater understanding of the culture of the country. The Quixi Festival is the prime opportunity for Chinese ladies to demonstrate their domestic strengths, talents and their wish to create a family. Asian dating sites will be quick to boast the benefits of showing interest and appreciation for your Asian single’s efforts as her hard work, passion and investment are reflections of their commitment to being an ideal partner.

Offerings to Zhin

Asian ladies worship the celestials during the Quixi Festival rituals through their visits to the local temple, where they pray to Zhin for wisdom. As part of their worship, Chinese ladies often make paper items which are burnt as offerings. Meeting a new partner on an Asian dating site is an excellent platform to discuss the crafts and efforts that are applied to make this annual celebration a traditionally exciting one.

Traditional prayers

Chinese women also often recite traditional prayers for dexterity in needlework during the event as this is considered to be symbolic of the traditionally sought after skills of a good spouse. The Chinese singles will use the celebration as a time to make wishes about their perfect spouse and to set out their hopes for an honest, kind and good man. This provides an excellent basis for men to promote their qualities to Chinese ladies that they meet on an Asian site.

Chinese ladies

Happy Chinese St. Valentine’s Day!