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Top spring events in China to enjoy with your Asian bride

Top spring events in China to enjoy with your Asian bride

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to get outside and enjoy festivals and events with your loved one, and in China, there are several top events to enjoy with your Asian bride.

Qingming Festival (April 4th)

In China, Qingming Festival is probably the most significant event of the spring season outside of Chinese New Year, which is often referred to as Spring Festival. Qingming is said to have originated all the way back in 770BC and marks the start of the spring season which brings increased temperatures and rainfall to China.

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Would you like to visit my place in spring?

Because of those environmental factors, the Qingming Festival is most closely attributed to agriculture and farming, however, it’s also a two-day holiday that gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your Asian bride. Of all the activities and events that take place for Qingming, a spring outing is probably the most popular activity.  It allows friends, family and loved ones to venture back outside after the winter season and enjoy the outdoors.

Visit Chinese Grand Prix (April 7th-9th) with your Chinese lady

If you want to treat your Asian bride to a truly spectacular event, then visiting the city Shanghai on the weekend of 7th until 9th April will certainly do that.  The focus of the world’s media descends on Shanghai for the enormous motorsport event, F1 Chinese Grand Prix.  Even if your Asian lady is not a motorsport fan, the city is still an amazing place to be while the Grand Prix is on.

Shops, bars and restaurants are alive with people in party mood, and the world’s rich and beautiful all arrive in town ready to party and enjoy Chinese culture. It’s an amazing event.

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Would you like to celebrate the Labour Day with your lady?

Labour Day (May 1st)

Labour Day, or International Workers Day, is a national holiday in China and so presents a great opportunity to attend some events with your Asian bride. In 2017, Labour Day is on Monday 1st May and both this, and the Saturday and Sunday before, are national holidays.  It’s a popular tradition for Chinese families to enjoy this festival together and there are usually a whole host of events taking place.

In recent years, sightseeing and shopping have become the main practices for Labour Day in modern China.  The Chinese government reduces admission prices to many national attractions by 20%, making it a perfect time to visit with your Asian bride. A lot of promotions also take place around shopping, and it’s a great time to take your Asian lady out for a spot of shopping and to treat her with something special.

Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th) – an amazing festival to enjoy with your Asian bride

Dragon Boat Festival is a national holiday in China and generally takes place on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is a traditional holiday held to celebrate and commemorate the life and death of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese scholar.

It’s a wonderful time to visit China with your Asian bride thanks to the festival that is now celebrated across the country. Citizens celebrate by eating and drinking selected traditional Chinese food and wine, as well as racing Dragon Boats.  Most towns and cities across the country will have celebrations and events taking place for Dragon Boat Festival.