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Square Dancing with an Asian Single

If you want to impress an Asian single lady, then knowing a little about their culture and showing an interest in what they enjoy will go a long way. You may not realise it, but square dancing is something enjoyed massively throughout China and other parts of Asia. So offering to go square dancing with your Asian single girl will earn your massive brownie points!

Square Dancing with an Asian Single

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What Exactly is Public Square Dancing?

If you ever visit China, one thing you will see pretty much everywhere is groups of women dancing in unison in public areas. During the working day this is often made up of retired women, but at the weekend anyone can join in. Known as Guang Chang Wu, a Square Dance is something lots of people enjoy throughout this part of the world.

One of the reasons why this particular hobby is so popular is that it takes very little skill to get started. The fact that anyone can join in and that you don’t need any equipment to get started makes it a popular way for people in Asia to exercise.

Dancing Rules with an Asian Single

To be honest with you, there are no real rules. That makes it a great pastime for you and your Asian single to do together. You’ll generally find that there is a leader at the front of the group – usually a more professional dancer. He or she leads the group through the dance moves, usually dancing to music that most people would find familiar. There can sometimes over 100 people joining in with a Square Dance. It’s easy to get stuck in and have fun!

Square Dancing with an Asian Single

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The History of Square Dancing

If you really want to impress your Asian single, then you could share with them the fact that you know Square Dancing started to pick up in popularity during the 1990s. At this time China started to take on more capitalist practices. This resulted in many people that worked for state-owned companies losing their job.

This resulted in people having less money and more time. They took to dancing in the streets in groups as a way to be entertained and to exercise. In 2008 the government launched a country wide fitness program in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. This pastime became even more popular!

So, if you want to impress your Asian single, then take her Square Dancing. This is most definitely a great place to start. The best thing is it won’t cost you lots of money to do it and you don’t need any real skills to take part. Instead, you can concentrate on having fun together. Show her that you have a real interest in Asian culture and want to do activities with her that she enjoys.