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Summer festivals in China worth celebrating with your Asian lady

Very few countries in the world do festivals quite as well as China, so why not pack your bags and celebrate some of these great events with your Asian lady.

Festivals across Asia are renowned for their incredible color, music, food and family atmosphere. China has some fantastic festivals throughout the summer to enjoy and they provide a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with a big smile on your faces.

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Enjoy this summer with me!

So, here are some summer festivals in China worth celebrating with your Asian lady.

Qixi Festival – 7th July

If you’re looking for a festival that doesn’t only offer fun and excitement but also is enveloped in romance, then look no further than the early summer celebration known as the Qixi Festival.

According to Chinese legend, the ancient goddess Zhi Nu fell in love with a local farm boy called Niu Lang. However, they were prohibited from continuing their romance and as punishment were separated by the Milky Way. On the seventh day of July, however, they were allowed to meet, this being the only day of the year on which they could.

Enjoy this festival with your Asian lady by taking her out for a nice meal and perhaps to any small celebrations of the festival that will take place across towns and cities.

Ghost Festival – 15th July

Another very traditional celebration that takes place during July is Ghost Festival. It is celebrated by the burning of fake paper money and by making offerings to ancestors and the dead to comfort them in the afterlife. For families that celebrate Ghost Festival, it can be a very family-orientated event.

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Would you love to celebrate Chinese holidays with me?

Mid-Autumn Festival – 15th August

One of the biggest traditional Chinese festivals during the summer is the mid-Autumn festival. This takes place every year on the 15th day of the month of August.

It’s a big deal, and your Asian lady will love to spend this with you and her family, celebrating together. Expect a large family meal or party and the eating of mooncake. Mooncake is a traditional – and very popular – Chinese baked product that can have any number of different fillings.

Gyantse Horse Race Festival – 20th-23rd July

This horse racing festival takes place in the ancient town of Gyantse, located in Tibet. Your Asian lady will probably love the occasion of it all, with traditional costumes wore for this huge event taking place in late July.

Music Festivals

If your Asian lady enjoys music, then check out the host of music festivals taking place across China this summer. All genres are catered for, including trance, jazz, and club music. Take your pic!