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How to celebrate Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife

Buddhist New Year is celebrated in different ways and on different dates in several countries throughout the world. Your Asian wife will be sure to tell you when she wants to celebrate the event and is likely to be excited to share the ways in which she traditionally observes this celebration. Because the Buddhist New…

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Cities in China to visit with your Asian woman

If you’re looking to take your Asian woman somewhere special for a romantic weekend, then Chinese cities offer an amazing choice of destinations. From the modern and thriving downtown metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing to the more rural and serene areas of Anhui and Guilin. China truly is a country in which you can find…

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Chinese traditions worth following when marrying a Chinese lady

When your relationship with a Chinese lady reaches the point where it needs to progress on to the next level, it may be time to get married. When you’re planning to marry your Chinese lady, which Chinese marriage traditions should you follow? China is a very traditional country and a country where the family is…

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