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The Difficulties an Asian Lady can Experience when Dating a Foreign Man

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So, you’ve just met the woman of your dreams online, but your Asian lady is having some difficulties with the relationship. What could the problem be? 

The internet allows us to speak to and meet beautiful women from around the world. International relationships have never been so accessible. However, with the opportunities come a few challenges that you will need to get past along the way.

Asian lady

Do you want me to teach you Chinese?

It’s important to note that when you’re dating an Asian lady, while you may find things a little difficult, they will do as well. In fact, there are a few difficulties the lady can face which can make the relationship hard work at times during the earlier days.

However, stick with it because it’s going to be hugely rewarding. Knowing what some of these problems will be can help you prepare for them and help your Asian lady go through them.

To help you out, here are a few of those difficulties:


The most obvious challenge that both your Asian lady and you will face is the language barrier. Getting to know each other when you speak totally different languages is difficult, but when you know that there is a spark between you, it’s worth working at. There are plenty of translation tools and services around to ensure that you can get past this challenge.


For an Asian lady dating a foreign man, it can be tricky for her to find the same food and drink that she is used to back at home. You owe it to her to find dishes that you will both enjoy together and foods which will help her transition toward the local cuisine. Also, wherever you are in the world, there is likely to be Asian food shops or restaurants nearby, so make sure you visit some with her.

Family and friends

Asian lady

Have you ever been to China?

Family plays a huge part in the life of an Asian lady, as do her friends. If she has moved to be with you, then she will miss family and friends very much, so help her out when it comes to staying in contact. Furthermore, even if you are dating digitally, it can be hard for her to introduce you to family if they had hopes of her meeting an Asian man, so be sympathetic toward her in this respect.


The culture in Asia is very different to many other parts of the world, and so this will be a challenge for your Asian lady whether she lives with you or the relationship is online. Take your time to immerse her into your own culture and make sure you make an effort to learn her culture as well. It’s a two-way street.


Finally, moving abroad to be with you is an amazing experience for her, but she may also feel a little isolated. See if you can help her to make new friends and maybe even encourage her to reach out to Asian communities nearby. There will almost certainly be other people who have gone through a similar transition and can help her out.