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How to Make the First Step in Online Dating

Online dating may appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to be, here are a few tips to tackle anxiety and overcome your fear and make your first steps in online dating.

How to Make the First Step in Online Dating

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Don’t Overthink It

Perhaps the most common fear to overcome is that of rejection. Online dating is about matching people to people, sometimes for one reason or another, a person you have messaged may not reply. Here’s the thing, everyone is different, they have different likes and wants in all areas of life and their choice of partners will be no exception. Their wishes for a partner and their choice to reply or not isn’t something you should take personally.

Once you have a little experience in online dating you will start to see that its biggest offering to you is enabling you to do the same and make personal choices on the attributes you would like to see in a future partner. And yes, one of those is definitely going to be that they are polite and reply to messages, so inadvertently your messages that go unanswered, don’t, they tell you fair and square that you wouldn’t like this person in your life.

Be Your Best You While Online Dating

Now that they have not replied and it has affected your confidence, what should you do? One of the best things you can do is note how it made you feel and move quickly onward. Send a few more messages to people whose profile interests you, as you are now one less irrelevant rejection closer to your goal of finding your perfect match. This can be a rinse and repeat process, everyone is different and it may take a few messages and interactions with someone before you can tell if they are suitable for you.

How to Make the First Step in Online Dating

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Don’t Miss Out

You can improve your chances of finding someone that ticks all your boxes by being aware that a dating profile is a very subjective self-description of a person. It’s a start, but it falls very short of an understanding of the person and how you would match as partners.

Photographs rarely give a true representation of how someone looks in the real world or how good they look to you when you find that spark in their eyes. So make sure you don’t lose out and reply politely to messages, even if at first you are unsure, sometimes you can find exciting people you wouldn’t have considered, but are now so glad you chose to reply to their message as they have turned out to be your perfect match.

Persistence is Worthwhile in Online Dating

Online dating offers a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, don’t let any fears you have deter you from enjoying the benefits it can bring to your life. Remember that each step you take is one step closer to happiness with your future partner.

Remember that online dating is meant to be a fun experience, so don’t over think things. Instead look at online dating as a way to chat to some new people and perhaps find someone to spend time with in a romantic sense. Enjoy the process & see what it brings you!