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The Most Popular Asian Ladies’ Names and Their Meanings

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If you’ve been speaking with Asian ladies or perhaps are already dating one, you may be curious to know the history of her name.

Names in Asia are often steeped in historic or symbolic meaning and it’s often really interesting to find out where some of the most popular names for Asian ladies have come from. Alternatively, they may be based on something else, such as a parent’s favorite flower or gemstone.

Regardless of where the name came from, you can feel more informed and stand a greater chance of impressing Asian ladies if you know a little bit about where their names may have originated.

Are you the one?

To help you on your way, here is a list of some of the most popular Asian ladies’ names and what they mean:


This is a very common name in many parts of Asia and has also become pretty popular in Europe and parts of Russia. Generally speaking, Alina means bright and beautiful – very fitting for Asian ladies.


This name is steeped in Bhutanese tradition and means that someone brings much happiness.


Another very popular name with Asian ladies, this one has quite a simple meaning. Ladies called Jasmine are named after the beautiful fragrant flower of the same name.


Like the above, the name Kaoru in Japanese means fragrant and is a popular name for beautiful Asian ladies.


I hope my soulmate is kind and mature

This name can be spelled and pronounced in a couple of different ways, but it is a Hindi name that means ‘always at peace and full of happiness’.


Zhu is a really popular name for girls in China and means ‘like the bamboo’. It’s more in a symbolic rather than literal sense, with Zhu said to signify a person who is strong, tensile and evergreen.

Guangli / Guang-lai

This is a very popular name for Asian ladies but can also be a unisex name. It means to ‘bring light and brighten our lives’.


This name has its roots in Vietnamese culture and means slumber or sleep. It’s a restful name for baby girls in Asia.


In Chinese, Chika means ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom’ and so is a common name for Asian ladies.


This is, without doubt, one of the most popular names in all of Asia and it comes from China. Green jade is famous in China and so many girls are named jade as a result.