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The Perfect Asian Lady: What Chinese Girls Dream of Being

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For thousands of young girls growing up in China, there is the dream of becoming the perfect Asian lady when they get older. But what exactly does this perfect lady look like?

Wherever you grew up in the world and whatever your ambitions were during your younger years, you will have always had in mind the perfect version of somebody that you wanted to become. That is no different in China, where Chinese girls grow-up dreaming to become that perfect Asian lady.

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But what makes them perfect? What traits are these young girls so desperate to develop in themselves as they get older? Some are physical and some more relating to their character personality.

Here are just a few of them:

Beautiful hair and skin

There is no escaping the fact that young girls around the world dream of developing some beautiful looks that they see on their childhood heroes and teenage idols. In China, the perfect Asian lady will be considered to have beautiful hair and skin. The hair will usually be long, perfectly straight, clean and shiny. Skin will be soft, blemish-free and pale.

The perfect figure

Ask any girl in the world what they want to look like when they’re older, and many will also look towards a figure. Now, the perfect Asian lady actually exists in so many different heights, weights and shapes. There is no one single embodiment of perfection and every young girl will have their own idea of what this looks like.

Successful and ambitious

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The perfect Asian lady is likely very courageous. She will set out to achieve what she wants to in life, both in her personal life and her career. She will chase her ambitions and become successful in her own right. Young girls in China dream of having this same drive, the same commitment to be the best version of themselves.

Loyal in love

Finding love is a key part of life and something that the perfect Asian lady will look to do as well. Once she has found it, she will work hard at it, protect it and be incredibly loyal to that one true love.

Respectful and caring family member

Finally, family remains a central and vital part of life in China. The perfect Asian lady will respect her elders and always be both caring and respectful of her family no matter where her life takes her.