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Things About You That Your Asian Lady Will Be Happy to Hear

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When you start dating an Asian lady, you are tempted to tell her all about yourself. Whether you are on a date or texting until 3 a.m., the conversation never seems like to end as you ask questions. However, there are certain things that you should tell your Asian lady about you, and she will be happy to hear them. 

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While it is acceptable to keep some parts of your life private, there are a few things you need to share, particularly if you want a long-lasting relationship. You do not have to tell her all about yourself during the first date, or even during the first few months. But eventually you have to, and it can be tricky. However, the more open you are, the better your relationship will be. 

Here are the things your Asian lady will be happy to hear about you.

Future Goals

Your Asian lady will be happy to hear about your plans and goals for the future. It can be about your career or major life-changing ones like getting married or having children. If your goals do not align with your lady, no problem. In most cases, there is room for compromise. But for life-changing goals, it is not always easy to meet each other halfway. So, it is good to talk about it early on and find out if you have any dealbreakers to prevent disappointment in the future. 

Sexiest Thoughts and Fantasies

Nothing is embarrassing about having sexy thoughts or fantasies, but you can feel shy to talk about them with your Asian lady. However, if you want to have a fulfilling sex life, you have to overcome it and tell your lady. Moreover, she will be happy to know about it. To make the conversation easier, bring the topic up in a quiet and comfortable place. Also, the more open you are to discussing sex life with your girl, the happier and healthier your relationship will be. 

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Addictions You Have Had or Have

While it is a hard topic to discuss with your lady, but for a long-lasting relationship, you may want to tell your girl about any past or current addictions. Talking about it early is good as your girlfriend will understand you better and will be happy that you told her about it. Issues with substance use, gambling, eating disorder, and addictive behaviors can destroy a relationship if hidden. 

Health Issues

If you have any chronic health issues, you may want to hide them for the sake of your partner. However, the health issues that affect your daily life are something you should discuss with your Asian lady, should the situation present itself. Also, when you talk about your health issues, your partner can help you when the need arises. 

Things You Need to Be Happy

There are certain things one needs to be happy. It can be alone time to decompress, need of nine hours of sleep, or spend a few hours with friends and family. Whatever it is, tell your Asian lady what you need, and she will be happy to know about it. Additionally, it is helpful for your lover to know your safety and comfort zone, and she will not bother you.

The beginning of your relationship is the perfect time to be open about yourself. The more information you can give her, the easier it is to have a happy, healthy, and supportive relationship.