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Things That Asian Single Women Can Recommend to Men

Asian single women have been traditionally bought up to certain standards and to have well-defined expectations from a relationship.  If you are expecting to start a relationship with an Asian single, you need to understand many of the cultural elements that define the Eastern psyche.  This is what an Asian woman can impart a man, and what you need to know when dating Asian single women.

Devoted wives

Asian wives are some of the most loving in the world and divorce rates in Asia are significantly lower than in Western cultures, and there is a prevailing feeling that once an Asian single marries, it is for life.

Asian single women

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They Love Children

From a young age, Asian singles are bought up to consider children as second only to look after their husband, so they are usually pre-conditioned to want to raise a family with their new husband.  It is fairly uncommon for an Asian lady to have only one child, and three or four tends to be normal.

Slightly Conservative

Compared to many Western women, Asian singles are apt to be a little more conservative when it comes to relationships and if you are dating an Asian woman, you need to bear that in mind.  This means that they should be treated with a lot more respect and any relationship progression should be measured by that, which generally means having respect and going quite slowly.

Asian single women

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Enjoy Their Culture

Eastern and Asian wives are usually more steeped in their cultural identity and anyone who wants to date an Asian single should bear that in mind.  This means that you need to be open to new ideas that may even challenge your own culture, and be accepting of differences that you may find.

Avoid Stereotypes

On the whole, Asian single women are shorter, slimmer, and generally more lightweight than their Western cousins, and while you should embrace these aspects of your Asian date, while not focussing on them too much, and making your beautiful Asian girl feel uncomfortable.  In particular, do not confuse Chinese and Japanese; these are extremely proud cultures and mixing them up will cause all sorts of problems.  Also, don’t ask if your Asian single can show you how to do certain arts such as Origami or playing the Ruan (a type of stringed instrument) as it is a strong stereotype that all Asian single women are bought up to do these skills.