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Tips for composing the best first chat message to an Asian lady

When you think you have found that special Asian lady that you’ve dreamt about meeting for some time, it can be a nervous moment when it comes to sending her a first message.

Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it is particularly tricky when you’re speaking to an Asian lady for the first time. You’re mindful of making a good first impression, you want to come across as an interesting and engaging person, but not too full-on.

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Not knowing how to send that first chat message can even put some guys off from contacting the Asian girl he has been hoping for. If this sounds like you, or you’re just after some of the best tips for composing the ultimate first chat message for your Asian lady, then read the following tips.

Be confident

Many Asian women do not like arrogant men, but they still do like men who are strong and confident. So, when you send that first message, be sure to come across as confident, but not cocky.

For example, say something along the lines of “I’d love to get to know you better” which shows you’re not assuming she will fall instantly in love with you, but instead you want to get to know her well, to find out more about her. Also, in that first message you want to avoid saying something like “I think we’d make the perfect couple”. It’s not only somewhat arrogant and presumptuous, but also far too over-the-top for a first chat.

Compliment your Asian lady

Something else that an Asian lady will love in a first message is a compliment. It has to sound genuine and not over-the-top. Maybe a couple of words or lines about what caught your eye about her profile and the features that you loved about her when you first saw it.

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Paying her compliments in that first message that are specific to her is more likely to make her feel special and want to respond to you and find out more.

Don’t seem too eager, or rush her to reply

If ever there was a time to ‘play it cool’, it’s probably when you send that very first chat message. Don’t forget, she knows next to nothing about you, nor you her, so if you go in all guns blazing and seem too pushy, or if you send several quick messages prompting her to reply, you may as well give up.

In summary, play it slow, be genuine in your messages and tell her why you picked her to talk to.