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Tips to find true happiness on an online dating website

What are the top five tips to finding true happiness on an online dating website? Here we explore the moves to make to create your connection with the Asian woman of your dreams.

Tip 1: Choose the best online dating website

When you are using an online dating website, you need to be on the same site as the person you are hoping to meet.  You will only find happiness if you find your perfect partner.  You increase your chances of finding this lovely Asian woman if you are on the site she is on- so choose the online dating site that has a proven track record.

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Tip 2: Make sure your online dating website profile is spot on

Your online dating website is your first impression with your future partner.  If you want her to spot you and like you, you need to make that profile perfect. You should not oversell too much – but nor should you be too modest.  Find the middle ground where you show your best qualities, without lying.  You should also use compelling language – working hard with your words to capture her attention.

Tip 3: Choose the best photo for your online dating website profile

Your photo on your online dating website profile should be you, now.  If you want to find happiness, then you need to start from a place of honesty.  The photo might be one of your better ones – one where you were caught in the right light in a natural pose that appears attractive.  But, at lease, it is you now – and not from 10 years ago!

Tip 4: Look for compatibility

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When you begin messaging Asian women when online dating, you need to look at their profile too.  Remember your goal is happiness – more than just a one-off meeting.  So, make sure you believe you will be compatible with the Asian lady before you send your first message.

Tip 5: Make your first message ping!

Once you have found the woman who you believe would make you happy, message her.  A dating agency can do only so much.  You are going to have to organize a video chat or send her a message online, to begin the process of winning her heart.  How you do this will have a massive impact on how well the online dating will go in the future.  Choose your words carefully – and remember – women loved to be complimented and they love honesty.