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Top facts about Asian dating that you never knew

Top facts about Asian dating that you never knew

Asian dating is increasingly popular, with men all over the western world falling for the beauty and intelligence of Asian women.  But do you know all the facts of dating in Asia?

Here are some top facts about Asian dating that you probably didn’t know.

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A large age gap isn’t a bad thing 

In many parts of the world, when a large age gap exists between a man and a woman in a relationship, it can be frowned upon. This isn’t the case with Asian dating.  In fact, often a large age gap can be seen as positive.  For example, a 25-year-old Asian woman dating a 40-year-old man is perfectly acceptable in much of Asia.

If you meet the parents, your Asian lady means business

In Asian dating, perhaps more so than anywhere else in the world, meeting the parents and family of your Asian lady tells you that she really is serious about the long-term future of your relationship. Traditionally, an Asian woman will not introduce a man to her parents until she is sure that he is the right long-term partner for her.  Yes, this means she considers you marriage material.

Plenty of women on Asian dating websites are ready to move to a foreign country

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Although Chinese ladies or other Asian brides love their countries and enjoy living there, women who use online dating websites to meet Western men, are likely to be ready to go to the man’s country. If the relationship develops successfully, chances are that your lady will be happy to move to your place despite she has a strong connection to her family and friends living in her home country. If you get into a serious relationship with an Asian lady, be prepared for the possibility that you may have to discuss the option of her moving to your city if you wish for the relationship to continue to grow and lead to bigger things. However, it would be better to visit your Asian lady in her country first.

Many Asian women are career hungry

Historically, there has been a misconception that Asian women will be happy to drop everything in order to move to be with you and support your own career. But if you’re in Asian dating today, you should know that things are very different. As Asia continues to grow in the economic and industrial world, so to do the careers of women across Asia.  Many now hold down very good jobs themselves and are on a career path they love and are eager to explore further.  Don’t make your Asian lady choose between a relationship and a career, you may not like the answer.

You won’t be alone on your first date

When you have met a lady and are enjoying Asian dating, one thing may strike you as slightly odd.  On your first date in-person, it’s traditional for an Asian woman to be chaperoned by a friend, or possibly a family member.  This may extend beyond the first date, but don’t be alarmed, it’s perfectly normal.  Aside from safety, Asian women like to have their trusted friend at their side for confidence and to seek their approval of you at an early stage.