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Top Tricks of Dating Asian Women

Finding that special someone who just might be your perfect soul mate has always been one of life’s greatest challenges, and many western men are finding it more difficult than ever before. The social environment and dating scene in the western world has changed drastically over the last couple of decades, leaving many men frustrated and completely unsatisfied with the relationship opportunities available in their local area. In fact, an increasing number of western males have given up on their local dating scene and shifted their focus to exclusively dating Asian women.

Asian women have a wide array of attractive qualities such as their physical beauty, they are very loyal, take great pride in caring for their man and a long list of others. Western men often find Asian women are a much better fit for their needs and many guys even start to once again enjoy the whole dating process. While there are many overwhelmingly positive aspects of dating Asian women, there are challenges as well.

Every relationship comes with at least a few small challenges of some sort. As wonderful as Asian women are, things can get complicated in a hurry when you have a small language barrier and trying to merge two completely different cultures and ways of thinking. However, don’t panic quite yet, our Top 5 Secrets about dating Asian women will help navigate unknown territory and better understand some of the nuisances involved with dating Asian women.

#1 Asian Women Have Needs and Wants Too

Generally speaking, a large percentage of people in Asian cultures are from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, a fair number of the Asian women you date will have grown up in somewhat difficult circumstances. Sacrificing their own wants and needs comes naturally, something they do almost to a fault without even thinking about it.

While it is certainly nice to find a partner that is willing to put your needs ahead of their own, it can become a problem after an extended period of time. Asian women will often sacrifice for weeks, months or even years by always deferring to what their partner wants or needs. This is without a doubt a respectable trait but you certainly don’t want the love of your life waking up one day and realizing she is completely unhappy with how her life has turned out.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the way Asian women care for you. However, it’s important to regularly ask her and think about what she might want or need. Everyone has individual goals or desires and part of having a happy long-term relationship is ensuring your significant other is fulfilled as an individual as well as a partner.

#2 Never Make a Promise You’re Not Ready to Keep

Family, loyalty and fulfilling your commitments are a very big deal to Asian women. In fact, it would be near impossible for anything else to have a higher priority at any time. Therefore, be very careful about making promises that you are not 100% sure you will be able to follow through on. If you break your word to Asian women, they often consider it a very personal insult that they will not forget.

Additionally, your character will no longer be trusted 100% and going forward it won’t be uncommon for your partner to question if you can really do the things you say. With Asian women, it’s usually much better to avoid making promises and instead explain how you will try your best but cannot guarantee something 100%.

#3 Asian Women Have Their Own Ways

Dating Asian women is a fantastic experience and offers a whole new world of opportunities. However, it’s best if you go into it with an open mind from the very start and realize you will have to accept certain things that do not make any sense or seem completely illogical. Every culture has a certain way of doing things as well as a history and beliefs that shape social norms. Even if you think your significant other is going about something in the wrong way, sometimes it’s just better to let them do it in whatever way is accepted by their culture.

With relationships involving people from very different cultures, such as western men and Asian women, it’s important to pick your battles wisely. After all, how someone washes a plate, uses their utensils for eating or handles household chores doesn’t really matter all that much compared to issues that actually impact your life in a meaningful way. Sometimes you need to decide if it’s more important for you to be right or more important for you and your significant other to be happy.

#4 She Doesn’t Always Want to Move to Your Home Country

Many men who date Asian women are under the impression all of them are in a huge rush to move out of their home country into a country like the U.S., Canada, Australia or other nations throughout Europe. While this is certainly true some of the time, it is not true for all Asian Women. Asian culture is very different from daily life in a western society.

Western society is without question a fantastic environment for achieving economic success, but it sometimes is severely lacking in overall quality of life. This is mainly due to a limited social scene, lack of inexpensive transportation, a large percentage of fragmented families and generally a very impersonal environment.

Asian culture in many places and in many ways is the exact opposite. Asian women may not have the same economic foundation and opportunities as much of the western world does but their daily existence is immersed in social activities. It’s important to understand this is how many Asian women grew up and have lived their entire lives. That doesn’t mean Asian women will not enjoy living in a different country but it could be challenging.

#5 Respect

Asian women highly value loyalty and respect. It’s important that you are careful to show them, their families and their friends the proper amount of respect. When dealing with cultural differences small words or actions can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Therefore, it’s important to learn about their local culture and become familiar with what is accepted and what is not. Often times, Asian women may feel you have disrespected them but do not immediately say anything until the problem grows into something much bigger.