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Does Video Chat Count as a Date?

When getting to know someone online, one of the most natural steps to take is to arrange a video chat. It is a natural step to speak to each other via live video rather than text messages. Video chats are a really great way to get to know someone. Not only because you get to see the person you are talking to really exists but you get to see the sparkle in their eye and hear them laugh – truly wonderful.

Does Video Chat Count as a Date?

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Your First Video Chat

Although you might not consider your first video chat a date at first, it is important that you make a good first impression. For example, if you have agreed a time to be online and chat together then being late to this is just as bad as not being online for your first physical date. You will probably want to get a little dressed up and make sure you look presentable. It is important that you give a great first impression to your potential date.

Arranging a Video Date

Once you have gotten to know each other a little better there is nothing to stop you from arranging a video chat that seconds up as a date. You could both arrange to have some of our favourite snacks, or to stream your favourite music and share tunes with each other. Getting dressed up for this is a really lovely gesture. This effort goes to show that you are willing to put in plenty of effort when it comes to getting to know one another virtually.

Does Video Chat Count as a Date?

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Taking Things Seriously

It is easy to assume that a video chat is something that isn’t to be taken as seriously as meeting in real life. If you’re dating someone long distance then it’s certainly something that should be taken seriously. After all, dating internationally is a wonderful way to meet your soul mate. However. it does mean that virtual dates are all you have for the time being.

Why not draw a picture or read her a poem? These romantic gestures will go a long way to showing her that you like her.  Ensuring that she knows you want to get to know her better.

There will be different opinions over whether a video chat counts as an official date. At the end of the day, if you have agreed to be on a chat at a certain time and it’s to talk to someone you are romantically interested in then you should take that just as seriously. Treat it as you would if you were meeting up and taking them for dinner.