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7 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Communication

Online Dating

Communication is one of the most important skills to know when you’re looking to start dating. If you can’t hold a conversation with someone then they’re not going to be interested for very long; yes it might be that you just don’t click, but if every conversation trails off it might be you.

Ask more questions

Don’t turn it into a job interview but ask what their hobbies are or what they do in their spare time and let the conversation flow from there.

Spend more time listening

It’s important to take notice of the other person’s interests. If they tell you something and you ask the same question another three times they’re soon going to get bored and disappear.

Don’t message everyone

Online Dating

I need a lover who must obey all my demands.

It can be tempting to message everyone in the hopes of finding someone that you click with, but if you’re talking to 20 people at once you’re not going to be able to have a meaningful conversation. Instead focus on a few people that you think you would get on well with and see where that conversation leads before going back to swiping.

Actually read the profile

Your potential match will instantly be impressed if you mention something that you’ve read on their profile. It will show that you thought they were worth your time and will make them more likely to want to talk to you.

Be clear in what you say

It’s so easy to read messages in a different tone to how they were intended. Before you send a message stop for a second, re-read it and double check that you’re happy before you press send.

Be honest about yourself and your interests

Online Dating

I want to find a warm, kind-hearted man who loves small animals.

The other person will appreciate you being real with them and it saves wasting time if your interests or what you’re looking for clashes.

Mimic their messaging style

If they add emojis or kisses then do something similar. It’ll help them feel more at ease and make your messages appear less blunt.

Finally, be positive

I need a lover who must obey all my demands.

The most important thing is getting to know someone better and allowing them to get to know you – so make sure any conversation you have allows this to happen.