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Which Western Dishes Your Asian Lady May Not Like?

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If there is one thing that winter does give us an excuse to do, it’s to stay inside with your Asian lady and enjoy a nice romantic meal together.

There is nothing quite like having a good meal at home. Whether you order takeaway to be delivered or if you cook up something yourself, your Asian lady will love spending some time with you and enjoying some great food.

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However, you may need to be a little careful about what food you choose to eat. Asian and western cuisine are very different and so picking the right dish to prepare for your big night is really important.

So, to help give you some food for thought, here are a few favorite dishes in western culture that your Asian lady may not actually enjoy.

Fish and chips

There are a few more symbolic dishes in the UK than fish and chips. Thickly cut potatoes are deep-fried, sometimes two or three times, to make the perfect British chip and then served alongside a piece of fish that has been coated in batter and also deep-fried. There may also be some mushy peas served on the side. If you’re reading this from most parts of the UK, your mouth is probably already watering. But beware, this is so different from Asian food.

Your Asian lady may not enjoy the thick, greasy, and fatty food and it’s also much heavier than your average Asian cuisine. Maybe avoid this on a first date!


During autumn and winter, Americans love meatloaf. It’s a heavy, warming loaf of ground meat and a mixture of all sorts of other ingredients, depending on your preference. This could be far too dense for your Asian lady to enjoy and just a little bland as well.


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Okay, so Burritos are from Mexico originally, but such is the popularity of this dish that it is enjoyed just about everywhere in the western world. Again, it may not be something your Asian lady will enjoy. They can be quite spicy depending on the recipe, plus the filling can be considered thick and gloopy. Again, a totally different style of food from what she’s used to.


When we’re talking about food loved in the western world, then a good old-fashioned burger has to feature. Now, burgers are enjoyed in parts of Asia as well and some of our most-loved fast food restaurants also serve them in Asia. However, a heavily stacked burger with a tonne of sauce, salad, and cheese on maybe be a bit much for your Asian lady!

Westernised ‘Chinese’ food

Throughout the UK, USA, and Australia, Chinese takeaways serve dishes such as foo yung, curry, and sweet and sour. However, while these may seem like great food to have on your big night in with your Asian lady, it’s worth noting that so many of these dishes are not authentically Asian at all and have actually been developed entirely in western countries!