Shuling from Changsha, China

age: 23
city: Changsha
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This week is happy to introduce a charming lady Shuling from Changsha, China. Shuling is a kind-hearted and simple lady, who likes being outdoors! Read Shuling’s story and enjoy her lovely photos

My dear

Have you watched my danc­ing video? If you come to talk to me, I'll share more danc­ing videos with you. Oh­hh I do hope you liked it.

I'm not a pro­fes­sio­n­al dancer, it’s just a hob­by. I'm a big fan of jazz which I be­gan to love it when I start­ed to learn more about dance. At the mo­ment I do some mod­elling and danc­ing work as part time jobs.

I have a soft heart, and a soft body. I'm pas­sio­nate and ro­man­tic. I am al­so a fun­ny girl so if you with me, I would make all the un­hap­pi­ness dis­ap­pear.

I’m here right now with the aim of find­ing some­one to hold and kiss through both the hard­ships and won­ders of life.

I love to talk, com­­mu­ni­­ca­­tion is the on­­ly way to get two peo­­ple who don’t re­al­­ly know each other to­gether and is al­­so the on­­ly way to make a re­la­­tion­­ship last for­ev­er. I don't like to argue, or fight. I'd sim­p­­ly talk with you so that we can solve the problems in a peace­­ful way.

Don't he­s­i­­tate to con­­tact me!


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