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Asian gift-giving: How to surprise your Asian lady

Giving your loved one a present is a great way to show your affection for her. But how do you go about surprising your Asian lady with a gift?
Gift giving in Asian countries is a particularly interesting topic. People there give gifts generally to show gratitude, such as visiting someone’s house. However, your Asian lady will also be thrilled to receive gifts from you periodically as a romantic gesture. It may also involve her wider family.
So, if you want to surprise your Asian lady with your gift-giving, here are a few ideas.

Think traditional Asian gifts for Asian lady

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If you want to give your Asian lady a gift that will really make her smile, but perhaps also surprises her, then you need to think a little outside the box. Have a think about what she will like from her own country. For example, if she is Chinese then what Chinese treats could you give her? Tea is a great option as it’s hugely popular in China and always well received. Chinese teas are readily available from specialist shops in the USA, Australia, and the UK, plus most of the western world, so you could really get something special!
Also, other treats she won’t be expecting could be on your shopping list. Items such as moon cakes and sesame cookies are really popular in parts of Asia.

If you’re meeting family and friends, surprise them all

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In Asia, if you are giving a gift in a group environment, then the gift should really be for the entire group. However, your Asian lady probably won’t expect you to know this custom. So, if you’re heading out with friends or her family, take a long a gift for everyone to enjoy. Sweets or chocolates will do the trick – it’s about the gesture.

What’s lucky?

In some parts of Asia, people class particularly things as lucky. Using China as an example, red is a great color for gift-giving while some specific numbers are also lucky (e.g. number 8). So, do a little homework about where she is from and what people consider as lucky and work that into the next gift you buy her. She will be surprised and absolutely blown away by the gesture!

Visiting home of Asian lady? Take a gift

If you’re visiting her home, her family home or even someone else’s house with her, then make sure you take a gift for whoever’s house it is. It’s a tradition in Asia that you would do this and your Asian lady will love that you’re aware of this custom.