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Best Chinese dishes to try on a date with your Asian lady

Best Chinese dishes to try on a date with your Asian lady

If you’re taking your Asian lady out on a date, why not show your willingness to try new things and head for a Chinese meal? Chinese food is one of the most favored culinary styles in the world, and by taking your Asian lady for a nice Chinese meal, you are perhaps going to make her feel more comfortable, as well as getting some great food to talk about.

But which Chinese dishes should you eat when on a date with your Chinese lady?  Here are our top five suggestions:

Spring Rolls

Asian lady
Would you like to have a date with me?

Starting with some vegetable spring rolls is not only a very tasty way to start your date with an Asian lady, but they can also have a deeper meaning for Asian girls. Spring rolls were traditionally eaten during Spring Festival in China and can signify a wish for prosperity.

Asian Ladies love Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice is a tasty accompaniment to many popular Chinese dishes, and it can impress your Asian lady knowing the cultural meanings that egg signifies. Accompanying a meal with a dish containing eggs is not only tasty and high in protein, but eggs also symbolize physical strength in China.

Hot and Sour Soup

Asian lady
Your Chinese woman will definitely like them!

Another fiercely traditional offering from Asia, hot and sour soup has been enjoyed in China for many years. Featuring all of your Asian lady’s favorite traditional ingredients, such as peppers, bamboo shoots, ginger, and chilies, this will certainly hit the spot!

Longevity Noodles with Chicken and Ginger

Ginger is a popular spice in Chinese and Asian cooking, and when paired with chicken and presented over a bed of steaming Longevity Noodles, you have an insanely tasty dish that all Asian women will love. However, your Asian lady will also be impressed with the Longevity Noodles, so-called as they symbolize a wish for longevity.

You can also further impress your Asian lady by using chopsticks to eat the noodles.

Asian lady
Try traditional Noodles with your Chinese single!

Rice balls

Alternatively, sticking on the rice theme perhaps consider treating your Asian lady to a bowl of soup with some sweet, round and sticky rice balls in.  This is very common in China, but not eaten that widely outside of Asia. The rice balls can also signify togetherness and unity, important traits in a relationship!

Szechwan Chilli Chicken

Another dish your Asian lady will love! This spicy meal oozes flavor, but unlike many dishes that we consider as being Chinese today, this is as traditional as it comes. Asian girls will love that you know the difference between traditional Chinese food and the modern Indianization of Chinese meals.

Asian lady
Rice balls – the favorite dish of Chinese ladies!

Originating from the Sichuan region of China, this dish uses many fresh ingredients found in China, including chilies, ginger, and peppers.

Shitake Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts

This is a great dish if your Asian lady is a vegetarian, but either way, it’s so traditionally Chinese she will almost certainly love it.  Containing both mushrooms and water chestnuts, which are widely used in Chinese cooking, this simple and tasty meal will fill you both right up!