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Where is Your Ideal Asian Lady From?

When you’re in the position to try online dating in the hope of meeting the perfect Asian Lady it’s important to know the kind of lady you are looking for. Are you searching for someone similar to you, or someone completely different?! Each Asian single is different and it’s important to know and understand the culture of Asian ladies. Find out below, which type of Asian lady you should be looking for when online dating on our website.

What would be your ideal way to spend a Saturday evening with your Asian Lady?

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  • A. A massive family get together with everyone close to you
  • B. Exploring somewhere new and having new experiences
  • C. A romantic evening out including a candlelit dinner and a walk

What is your favorite dish to eat with your Asian Single?

  • A. Pork or chicken dumplings
  • B. Goi Cuon (Minced meat spring rolls)
  • C. Phat Thai noodles with tofu

When online dating how would you describe your ideal lady?

  • A. Someone who is family orientated and spends a lot of time with her family
  • B. Someone who isn’t too loud or in your face. Someone who is a bit more reserved, especially when it comes to love
  • C. Someone who is incredibly polite and well mannered

What would you consider the most inappropriate behavior?

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  • A. Playing with your food and messing with your chopsticks while eating
  • B. Not greeting a friend or relative in the right manner
  • C. Pointing your bare feet at someone

How would you greet your lady when meeting her?

  • A. A formal handshake with a kiss on the cheek being acceptable
  • B. Shake both hands and bow your head to them
  • C. Wai which is generally a prayer-like gesture where both of your hands meet

When online dating what is the first thing you notice about the Asian single?

  • A. Her smile that lights up the whole photo
  • B. Her large beautiful eyes which have enchanted you
  • C. Her long beautifully straight dark hair
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What do you expect from a relationship with an Asian lady?

  • A. A family orientated relationship with numerous gatherings to celebrate your joining family
  • B. Someone to grow with and learn from as broadening your horizons are very important
  • C. An Asian lady you can have fun with and spend the rest of your life with

What would you suggest for your first date with your Asian lady?

  • A. A small intimate dinner where you can spend the whole evening talking to one another about your lives
  • B. Going to a show or theatre production where there is no pressure to spend long times talking until you begin to feel more comfortable with one another
  • C. An outdoor event that will see you bonding over your competitive nature

Count up all of your answers now.

If you picked more A answers then you should be looking for a caring, loving Chinese single who will be your partner in life and provide you with all the happiness you could ask for.

If you picked more B answers then you should be looking for an interesting, cultured, and beautiful Vietnamese lady who will help expand your horizons and help you always see the best in life.

And if you picked more C answers then a sweet, romantic Thai single is perfect for you, someone who will always be at your side and who you’ll be honored to introduce to others as your partner.

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