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How to Determine if Your Asian Lady is Addicted to You?

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When it comes to dating and relationships, it’s always the man who takes the initiative, while women are the ones who can either reject or accept men’s advances. This is how typically things work. Of course, there will be women who will take the initiative, but mostly it’s the men.

Now, if you date an Asian lady, how do you say that she is into you? Here are some signs that will tell you she is getting addicted to you!

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She Gets Shy When You Are Around

Typically, Asian women are the most comfortable with people they know. However, when they contact someone, the Asian women have feelings for, you will notice that her demeanor changes. Look for signs, such as does she act differently when you are around, does she shy away, does she become more friendly to you compared to others, then yes, she might be already into you. These are some promising signs.

She is Eager to Teach You About Her Culture

Asia is a vast continent. So, no matter which Asian woman you are seeing, if you feel that she is trying to make you get acquainted with her culture and is super-eager to make you understand how things work in her culture, this is another sign that the Asian woman is getting addicted to you, and relatively very serious about you.

She Brings You Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, it is primarily men who bring gifts, right. But when an Asian woman starts sending you gifts, there you go; she is already into you. A female sending you a gift on your birthday is different from receiving surprise gifts from an Asian woman on any random day. It’s not common for an Asian woman to buy gifts for a male. So, if she is doing that, take note, she likes you!

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She Calls You More Often 

Asian women are said to be very subdued. They have charming personalities, and their politeness comes through how they behave. It is not common for an Asian woman to call a male repeatedly. If she is doing that, this is another sign that she is falling head over heels. An Asian woman will typically remain quiet. She won’t talk much, and that’s why they feel shy to take the initiative to call a male person and ask him about his whereabouts, his interest, and more.

She is Relaxed Around You

By now, it must have been clear that Asian women are different than western women. They are shy, very polite, and feel comfortable the most around people that they like. If she sees you more often and she feels at ease when you are around, this is another sign that she is getting addicted to you because she likes your company.

She Brings Cooked Food For You

An Asian woman is good at many things, and one thing that she will do for someone she likes is cook for them. Trust us on this; she won’t cook food for everyone. She will do the hard work for only the one that she is interested in. That’s one way to impress the man and let him know that she is good at cooking, which means she is the perfect marriage material type. It’s an initiative that she will take for the person she likes.

Wrapping Up

There are subtle hints that an Asian woman will leave if she is addicted to you. She will call you often, want to hear from you, sends gifts on random days, ask you what you like to eat and prepare the dish, and more. So, an Asian woman has her own way of showing that she is interested in you.