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Does Online Chat Replace A Real One? 

Technology has drastically transformed the way we interact with one another. A century ago, no one would have thought that we all would communicate through the screen (laptop/phone). However, technology made it possible. Today, people spend more time on online chat than talking with one another in real life.  

The same applies to dating as well. Many love stories discuss how the couple met online, starting dating that led to long-lasting relationships. 

Does Online Chat Replace A Real One?

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The Real Chat or The Digital 

The digital world has its pros and cons. It offers many benefits, but many do not prefer online interaction. While everyone has their reasons, we will answer the question: does online chat replace a real one? The internet is a powerhouse of immense information that allows us to gain knowledge and stay connected. This is the most significant benefit of technology. But is this all? Keep reading to know. 

Why Online Chat?

People crave human interaction because staying indoors is frustrating. Online chat on dating apps is going mainstream, especially with the pandemic still looming. Statistics indicate that the dating apps registered an increase in messages. The trend is here to stay even after the pandemic owing to the discrete benefits of online dating and chat. 

It Is Easy to Get Started 

When you find a match on the dating app, the first step is to start an online chat with that person to get to know them better. It is so because it is more comfortable to start a conversation online with someone you barely know than in real life. Another benefit is that it provides a safe space to get to know the other person without feeling anxious like on the first date. 

Chat with People Beyond Your Geographical Location

Yes, online dating allows you to match people from different countries and meeting them in person can be difficult. Thus, online chat helps you connect and get to know them better. It lets you talk about hobbies, likes and dislikes, jobs, and crack jokes. You can establish a serious or casual connection.

Does Online Chat Replace A Real One?

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Get a Glimpse of Personality

One of the significant benefits of online chat is that you know people better before meeting them. You also get to know your match’s interests and personality. With this, you can decide to further connect if your personality is compatible. It minimizes the chances of getting into a relationship only to find out that your date is the opposite of what you wanted. 

You Decide the Pace

One of the advantages of online chat is that you can set the pace of your relationship. You have better control over how to fix things. There are no social obligations as you are not meeting the person in real life, therefore, it comforts things for both of you.

Quick Exits

If you do not feel comfortable chatting with a stranger at any point, you can leave. Compared to real chat, where avoiding someone irritating can be rather tricky, leaving online chat often just requires one click. You can leave it when you feel threatened, used, or uncomfortable when chatting.


So, does online chat replace a real one? Yes, and it offers many benefits mentioned above. The next time you get a match on a dating app, do not be in a hurry to meet them in person. Chat online to get them to know better and if you think they are the right match, then decide to meet.