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Healthy Ways To Express Your Discontent in an International Relationship

International Relationship

Communication in any relationship can be tricky, especially if one of the people in the relationship are feeling unhappy. However, if you’re in an international relationship and feeling a level of discontent the worst thing you can do is bottle things up and not discuss it. By keeping your feelings to yourself you run the risk of things getting worse and this can lead to a breakdown in a relationship. Most issues surrounding discontentment can be fixed, but you need to be willing to discuss them first.

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Get Things Straight in Your Own Head

Take some time to think about what it is you’re unhappy about and what could be causing these feelings. If you simply rush in to discuss it, things could be muddled and heated which you most certainly want to avoid. Get everything straight in your own head and you’ll be able to approach the conversation in a much more level-headed way.

Be Honest With How You Are Feeling

Although conversations like this can be tricky, being honest is a must. That doesn’t mean you need to set out to be hurtful but it does mean that you should make sure you lay all of your cards on the table and be honest with how you’re feeling. An international relationship can be a wonderful thing and in order to be able to work through any feelings of discontent, both people need to know what they’re dealing with.

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Don’t Place The Blame on Anyone

It’s really important to make sure that there is no blame placed on anyway, instead you must work through any issues together. By speaking about any discontent you are feeling, you can open up the conversation to the other people and how they are feeling too.

Give Them a Chance to Speak

Opening up the conversation to give everyone a chance to speak can be a really good way of clearing the air. There could be things that your online partner has been bottling up and this gives you both the perfect excuse to talk things through and work through them.

Be Willing To Listen

Although you are going to want to put across how you are feeling and the discontent you’re feeling, it is important to listen to the other person too. The best, healthiest relationships are those that can communicate well and are willing to listen to each other.

Work on a Fix Together

Once you have discussed how you are both feeling and anything that either of you is finding tricky, it is time to come up with a fix. An international relationship can take a little work however it’s well worth it – so work as a team and work through things together, it’ll be worth it!