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Five Habits to Avoid if You Have an Asian Girlfriend

Asian Girlfriend

If you have finally landed your dream lady and are now lucky enough to have an Asian girlfriend, you’re going to want to be certain that you won’t inadvertently push her away.

Dating an Asian girlfriend is hugely rewarding. Aside from their natural beauty, they’re loyal, fun and caring ladies who make your life with them a pleasure. It’s for all of these reasons that you will want to make sure you’re doing your best to keep them happy when you are lucky enough to be dating one.

Asian girlfriend

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There are some simple habits you should avoid in order to keep your Asian girlfriend happy. Thankfully, they’re nothing that you shouldn’t be doing anyway. While some western women may still overlook some of them, when it comes to simple manners and charisma, your Asian girlfriend will expect certain things from you.

So, to avoid being dumped by your Asian girlfriend, you should dump these five habits.


If you regularly talk about yourself, talk yourself up and display a genuine sense of arrogance, then your Asian lady is not going to stay fond of you for long. Unless this is a trait that she really loves for some reason (she’s being polite!), then you should slow down and take the time to think about how you act around people. Arrogance is not a nice characteristic.

Interrupting or talking over people

Often in the western world, especially in certain careers, it’s become commonplace to interrupt and talk over colleagues. Even if you need to do this in work, it should never transfer to your personal life. It’s a very unattractive trait and it’s incredibly rude. Your Asian girlfriend won’t take kindly to it over a period and you should want to hear her speak anyway – so let her!

Ignoring family and friends

Asian girlfriend

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In most, if not all, parts of China, people are very loyal. Your Asian girlfriend will value loyalty to friends and family highly, and if she sees that you do not have these same values then, your relationship could be in trouble. 

Lack of personal hygiene

When it comes to personal habits, your hygiene needs to be top of the list. So, make sure you’re showering regularly and looking after yourself. Bad hygiene and bad hygiene habits will quickly turn your relationship sour.

A lack of effort in your appearance

Finally, while your Asian girlfriend won’t expect you to be wearing the latest fashion labels, she will want to see you making an effort with how you dress. Simple things like wearing clean clothes, ironing a shirt and polishing your shoes will go a long way. Turning up in scruffy, dirty and poorly kept clothing will not be viewed favourably.