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Five Things to Know Before Meeting a Chinese Lady for the First Time

Chinese lady

If you’re planning to meet your dream Chinese lady for the first time, it’s worth being prepared properly so that you’re not left confused or feeling awkward.

Dating a Chinese lady is a hugely enjoyable, exciting and rewarding thing to do. Known for their loyalty and natural beauty, Chinese women are also intelligent, articulate and very loving. However, as far as first dates go, things may sometimes not be exactly what you expect.

Chinese lady

I hope once we’ll meet in real life!

Chinese culture is a little different when it comes to dating. While things soon follow a more familiar western feel, when you meet each other in-person for the first time, you can be caught off-guard if you don’t know what to expect.

Luckily, we’ve put together the list below to make sure you’re well prepared.

Here are five things to know before meeting a Chinese lady for the first time:

They may bring a friend

While it’s quite rare to see your lady accompanied to a date by a friend, in China, it’s commonplace for a Chinese lady to ask a friend to attend the first date with a new man. It may also occur on the second or third dates. It’s not a reflection of you, more just a comfort and safety net that is perfectly normal in parts of Asia. Once she feels safe and comfortable with you and knows you well enough, the friend will be accepting of you and allow you to meet alone.

They can be shy

Chinese lady

Do you enjoy long conversations?

A Chinese lady can be pretty shy on a first date, sometimes more so than in other cultures. Depending on her personality, this may make her seem quiet or giggly. Don’t be put off by it, in fact, it can be adorable. As she settles down and becomes more at ease, conversation should flow a lot better.

Don’t expect anything physical

If you’re expecting things to get physical on a first date with a Chinese lady, then think again. If you get a hug as you part ways, you will have done well. Chinese women do not rush into relationships, so bide your time, build her trust and let the relationship grow organically.

Family could be close by

Don’t be surprised if she has family members nearby when you first meet. Meeting the family will be key later on in a relationship, but a father or brother may be present in the same bar when you go on your first date.

You may get some envious looks

Finally, if you take your Chinese lady out for the first time in China, you may get some envious looks from local men.