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Impress your Chinese wife by cooking Asian food

Chinese wife

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but cooking up a treat can also be really positive when it comes to surprising your Chinese wife.

Food is a key part of everyday life in China. Dishes carry unique flavours, have cultural meaning and can also have many different varieties each linked to its own geographic region.

Chinese wife

I’d like to taste Asian food cooked by you!

Whether you’re in China or Japan, Vietnam or Thailand, food is really important. Your Chinese wife will probably be a good cook when it comes to Asian cuisines, but there comes a time when you should want to cook her something up as a treat.

It may be for a birthday, Easter, anniversary or other sentimental event, or maybe you just want to impress her with your own skills. So, how do you go about starting to cook Asian food for your Chinese wife?

Well, to get you started, you should do some research as to what some of the simpler dishes are. Also, check what ingredients you can actually find in your local shops because some dishes will have a pretty specific list of ingredients. If there is no Asian supermarket nearby, then you may need to find dishes for which you can buy the right things for.

Here are a few Asian dishes which should be simple enough to cook at home for your Chinese wife.

Stir-fry noodles

Noodles are hugely popular in Asia and come with many different flavourings and toppings.

Chinese wife

Lets cook Chinese food together!

In their most basic form, most western supermarkets will now carry some sort of stir fry noodle options or meal boxes for you to make a start with. It’s very much the entry level of Asian cooking but can impress your Chinese wife.

Fried rice dishes

Fried rice is also a dish which is pretty accessible in terms of being able to cook it with ingredients commonly found in western shops. From a simple egg fried rice through to more complex recipes which include meats, Asian spices and vegetables. Finding a good fried rice recipe could really impress your Chinese wife.


Soup is very popular in China and most parts of Asia. They’re quite different to soups in the USA or UK, for example. They’re usually a lot more watery than we’re used to with things such as dumplings or shreds of meat added to the bottom. Most Asian soup recipes will be pretty accessible to make for your Chinese wife.