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The proper way to write a love letter to your Chinese mate

Western and Chinese cultures are different, and if you are dating a Chinese mate, you need to take care of several things. Knowing the standard Chinese way of expressing your love is astounding. Nevertheless, there are some other ways of expressing love to them, and one of the best ways is writing love letters. Sounds old? But, it is one of the most romantic ways to express what’s in your heart. However, you must know the proper ways of writing a love letter to your Chinese mate.

Here are some tips on how to write a love letter to your Chinese mate:

The proper way to write a love letter to your Chinese mate

I want to spend my life with you!


Starting with greetings like “dear,” “darling,” or “to my love” appears more excellent and can bring a wide smile to your mate’s face. You can learn how to write these things in Chinese.

Speak From Your Heart

When you write the exact feelings, your partner starts visualizing and feeling what you feel—moreover, some Chinese mates like straightforward, simple, and frank people. Don’t forget to mention the purpose of writing this letter to your Chinese mate. You can say, “I feel I have fallen in love with you,” or anything that clearly describes your purpose.

Love Letter’s Heart

Now comes the most crucial part of your love letter. Yes, the Heart of the letter is the essential part where you clearly describe your feelings for your Chinese mate. You can use some most romantic Chinese phrases like ???? w?de x?nli (this means in my Heart), or ??????? w?de x?nli zh?y?u n? (the only one in my Heart).

The proper way to write a love letter to your Chinese mate

Let me know you better!


Close the letter by describing how hard it was to express everything in a few words in the letter. You can write words that are not enough to measure the love you have in your Heart for your Chinese mate. Try to be unique and sincere while expressing your feelings. Remember, when you close the letter, it is essential to sum up everything. At last, you can even ask your Chinese mate out for dinner or lunch.


Sign seal with your love and deliver it. Adding your sign name adds an extra pinch of romance. You can close the letter writing “yours forever” followed by your name. Writing a love letter keeping these things in mind undoubtedly becomes a masterpiece. Put your love letter in a beautiful envelope and deliver it hoping for the best.

It is not necessary to make a love letter stand out. What’s needed is writing it from the bottom of your heart because this is what a Chinese mate may find lovely. So, if you are thinking of writing a heartfelt lovely letter to your Chinese mate, start writing it now.