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The first phone conversation with your Asian lady: Top tips

The first phone conversation with your Asian lady: Top tips

Once you have got to know your Asian lady on a dating website or perhaps via video chat, the time will come when you need to switch to an old-fashioned and personal form of communication – a telephone call.

To ensure that the first telephone call with your Asian lady goes well, follow our tips below and watch your relationship go from strength to strength.

Make sure she knows when to expect your call

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Okay, so before you even get on the telephone you need to set the call-up, and this is important. Your first telephone call with your Asian lady is not going to start well if you call her out of the blue, so let her know when to expect your call.  If she’s expecting the call, she will be ready for it and not caught off-guard. This gives her time to prepare as well, she will likely be just as nervous and excited as you are.

Prepare some questions or subjects to discuss

The phone call should not simply become a question and answer session, that isn’t going to impress your Asian lady one bit, and you will be back on to the dating websites looking for another Asian woman in no time. However, doing some preparation is good and will help you should the call become awkward. Make some really brief notes about the things you’d like to know about your Asian lady, and perhaps think of how you will get this information from her in a friendly and natural way.

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I am waiting for your call!

Try to stir up happy memories

One great way of allowing your Asian lady to become really comfortable on the telephone is to get her talking about happy memories she may have. Think of some questions perhaps about where she grew up, where she would like to travel to, or by asking her what hobbies she has.  This may also bring out some things that you and your Asian lady have in common.

Take time to listen to the answers

So the conversation is finally flowing, or perhaps it isn’t and you’ve taken to just asking your Asian lady a load of questions? Well, here’s a vital tip – listen to her answers.  Whatever the question, listen to what she tells you in response, be it her favorite color, where she went to school, or anything else.  Not only will you impress her by asking further questions on subjects and showing a genuine interest, but next time you speak she will be touched that you recall her answers.  It will show your Asian lady that you are actually interested in her as a person.

Be prepared to answer the same questions

Finally, be prepared for your Asian lady to ask similar, or the same, questions back to you. Even though you may think that one of these beautiful Asian women would be confident and not nervous, you’re probably wrong.  Asking for answers to the same questions will not only mean you know lots about each other, but it may make her more comfortable than she has things to ask you back.  So when you do the preparation for the call, spend a few minutes considering what your answer would be.

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