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Signs that your Asian wife is happy with you

Now that you have settled down with your Asian wife, or perhaps bride-to-be, how can you recognise that she is truly happy with you?

It’s natural in any relationship for you to question whether your partner is genuinely happy in the relationship with you, and whether love is blossoming. It’s no different with your Asian wife, and so you’re going to be keen to know what the signs are.

Thankfully, we have a list of things to look out for that will signify her contentment at being with you.

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She wants to spend time together

There is no greater sign that a woman is happy with you than when she wishes to spend a great deal of time with you. This is especially true of your Asian wife. If she is no longer happy with you, she will probably withdraw slightly and not be too bothered about spending time with you when you’re both free.

However, if she still wants to go out with you, spend time at home relaxing next to you and generally being around you, then there is nothing to worry about – she’s happy!

She’s still keen for you to meet, or spend time with, her family

Family is hugely important in China, and that is something that will never change. If your Asian wife still wants to take you to meet her family whenever possible, or at least speak to them on the telephone or web chat, then you can rest assured she is not only still happy with you, but she absolutely loves including you with everything she does.

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Your Asian wife is thinking about starting a family

We’ve already said how important family is, but starting a family of her own will never be far from the mind of a happy Asian wife. If she drops hints to you that she’d like to have kids, or perhaps wants to talk outright about the possibility, then you can be pretty confident she’d really happy and comfortable with you.

She loves to be physical

There is nothing quite as powerful as physical touch, and if you find your Asian wife still keen to hold your hand when you’re out together, or cuddle up on the couch together, then there is absolutely no doubt that she is still happy with you and probably madly in love with you. Make sure you show her the same warmth and affection back.