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How To Express Your Tenderness To The Chinese Lady You Chat With

When you first meet someone that you would like to date, you might feel a little nervous because you want to say the right thing. When you meet a Chinese lady the nerves are magnified because the way that you speak might not match how their culture expresses their feelings.

How to express your tenderness to the Chinese lady you chat with

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Don’t Rush Things With Your Chinese Lady 

If you’re trying to express tenderness to a Chinese lady you might think that outright telling her is the best way, but as with any girl it might scare your Chinese lady away by being too forward.

Instead take the time to compliment her. Tell her exactly what you like about her – rather than calling her beautiful or telling her that she has a wonderful personality, tell her that her eyes are stunning or that you admire her confidence.

Watch Your Humour

In British and American culture it’s common to joke about more vulgar topics or even be more open to talking about things like this. If you want to impress a Chinese lady then you should do the total opposite. Talking about a more vulgar subject, being open with what you want or making jokes is sure to make her feel uncomfortable.

How to express your tenderness to the Chinese lady you chat with

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Take Action About Your Chinese Lady 

If you really want to make a great impression with your Chinese lady then actions speak louder than words. Instead of being straight and telling her that you like her, do something to show her how much she means to you.

Learn a few Chinese phrases – particularly a phrase that allows you to compliment her in her native language. You could also cook her a special meal – it doesn’t have to be Chinese food, just pay attention to your Chinese lady’s favourite meal and make that. If you can’t cook then take her out for dinner instead – she’ll just appreciate that you paid enough attention to her to learn her favourite foods.

When you’re dating a Chinese lady you might feel like you need to do things differently because she comes from a different cultural background. While there are some things that she won’t like that’s common in British or American culture, for the most part she will understand that you’re not used to Chinese culture and she will make allowances for that.

As long as you’re respectful, you make an effort to show her that you care and you are kind, your Chinese lady is sure to appreciate what you do.