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Turn Down While Searching For Perfect Match

There is one simple reason why people do online dating. To find the perfect match. Essentially, dating online is designed to bring people together but often, you’ll meet people who aren’t your type.

If your profile is excellent and you are attractive, you’ll get noticed. Therefore, you can expect a lot of interest but this might not be what you want. Everyone wants to settle down and find the perfect match.

As a result, this might involve having to turn down dates on your dating journey. However, when you turn people down, it can seem hurtful and challenging but you can do it politely. So, we’re about to show you how.

Turn Down While Searching For Perfect Match

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Be Honest, Quick and Direct

When you turn someone down, it can feel awkward. Furthermore, it will feel worse if they make a grand gesture. Despite this, you want a perfect match so make sure you are honest and you’ll not hurt their feelings. You might have a certain type, so don’t waste time and arrange a date out of pity. Give them a simple “ Thank you for your interest but no”, and they will be able to move on.

Respect Goes a Long Way

Treat someone how you want someone to treat you when you date online for the perfect match. Essentially, you should remember how you feel when someone says no. It can feel deflating but you can be clever in these situations. Stay calm and sound assured but more importantly show them respect.

Make the Reasons About You

While they might not be the perfect match, make the reasons about you. Therefore, you should avoid listing reasons why they are not the perfect match for you. This can prove to be rude and hurtful while it could hurt their confidence. As a result, you should opt to use the “I” statement, to make the turn down more about you. This can include:

Turn Down While Searching For Perfect Match

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  • I don’t see you as a match
  • I have had fun getting to know you but I feel there is no connection
  • I am finding out about myself at the moment, so I am not looking for a date right now
  • I think you are brilliant but I want something else at the moment in time

When you use this approach, you can explain your perspective and it can prove extremely useful. Looking for a perfect match is about you, so make sure they know it is about you.

Be Clear

It’s really important to make sure they understand your intentions when you search for a perfect match. As a result, you want to avoid the “let’s be friends” approach. It might seem nice but it could cause problems in the future. If you’re not interested, be clear and don’t text, call or message them on social media. This can lead to confusion and problems further down the line. If you have no interest, show them respect and let them know.

So, you don’t owe anyone anything when you date online. Remember this, be honest and clear and you will soon find your perfect match.